Why you should consider selling on online marketplaces?

by Marketing Team

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Why you should consider selling on online marketplaces?

by Marketing Team

The online marketplaces are becoming essential for sellers and service providers in the development of their activities. For several reasons, they are more and more popular than an e-commerce site. Here is an exhaustive list of the reasons why you should operate on these online sales platforms .


Enjoy better visibility thanks to an online sales platform

The marketplaces are mainly characterized by the power of their daily and monthly traffic. Many e-commerce sites barely manage to generate more than 1,000 visitors per month. However, some marketplaces manage to register tens of millions of monthly visitors for example, Amazon , Cdiscount or Ebay .

To increase your impact on the web, you must have good visibility. This condition is essential to optimize the speed and quality of your brand or company and directly impacting the sale.


Improve the management of the marketing budget

In principle, the cost of a transaction on a marketplace is limited to the sales commission. This does not prevent some online sales platforms from charging additional fees. this cover the monthly subscription, additional options, etc. 

These options allow you to take advantage of more features. These include the optimization of transaction, security, buyer loyalty, etc. 


Evaluate the potential of your product or service

Online sales platforms concentrate a whole range of products and services. It then becomes easier to assess the performance of a company's offer in comparison of its competitors. 

The marketplace is also a simple and effective way to measure the attractiveness of a sales offer. This then makes it possible to determine the various actions to be taken to further optimize its visibility on the web, in particular with the target audience and your prospects.

The marketplace is a reference platform for testing new products or services. It concentrates prospects from all categories. Your product and offers are no longer limited to a specific area, you have the opportunity to sell your products internationally.


Access more efficient tools

The marketplaces offer various options allowing users to enjoy more powerful & professional features. These tools have been designed for sellers to facilitate the management of users' activities, to improve their services, to retain their customers, etc. They also make it possible to optimize the user experience.

These tools also play a role in improving the commercial performance of products and services. For example, newsletters, advertisements and promotions.


Clear old stocks

It is possible to sell old stocks on marketplaces. This practice makes it possible to liquidate stocks without going through the traditional distribution network. The marketplaces particularly appreciate these offers. They can be attractive, whether in terms of price or quality. 


Target new prospects

For a physical store, the online sales platform is the shortest way to reach new audiences. This strategy is favorable to the development of your activity. This undoubtedly guarantees an increase in your turnover.


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