Why should you sell on a marketplace in 2021?

by Marketing Team

How to sell on a marketplace , Marketplace 2021

Why should you sell on a marketplace in 2021?

by Marketing Team

Selling your products on a marketplace is a great way to give more visibility to your business or brand and to promote your products. Indeed, buyers are increasingly attracted to this type of market because of the variety of products and the ease of the buying process. These sales platforms, therefore, represent a privileged place to attract new customers, more particularly buyers who arrive by chance on your brand looking for specific products. But that's not all, because selling on a marketplace still has many advantages. Here they are!

The main reasons for selling on a marketplace


For sellers, especially those with retail sites, integrating a marketplace offers many benefits including:

  • This allows them to benefit from the marketing power of the sales platform such as its visibility on search engines, its notoriety, its audience… which considerably reduces marketing costs. By marketing on a marketplace, they also market their business.
  • Increased Chances of Reaching New Customers: This process allows you to reach customers who might never have discovered your products otherwise;
  • Improved sales: the more leads you have, the more likely you are to convert them into sales. If you choose to sell on a marketplace, you will be exposed to more customers and other sellers;
  • Control of acquisition costs: marketplaces are only paid if a sale has been made. This saves you from setting aside a marketing budget or spending money on web development;
  • Risk management: these online sales platforms put in place numerous protections against the risk of fraud, unpaid invoices, disputes or other problems linked to distance selling.
  • The possibility of opening up new international markets: marketplaces offer products by EAN (European Article Number) code, which greatly facilitates the automatic translation of product references and allows you to easily sell internationally.

Also, you should know that you can sell on several marketplaces to increase the chances of selling your products. Thanks to all these advantages, we could therefore say that these platforms have become an interesting tool for acquiring new traffic channels. But, does that mean that just posting your product on a marketplace will lead to early retirement without any marketing effort on your part? In a perfect world, this would be possible. However, there are certain factors to take into consideration when selling your products on a marketplace.

How to take advantage of all these advantages?

For you to be able to develop your activity on a marketplace, you must make every effort to ensure that your sales site complies with all the platform's regulations, in particular on shipping times, after-sales service, return, and reimbursement of defective orders ... otherwise you risk being removed from the platform. Besides, you must also work on the SEO of your site. To do this, it is essential to call on a specialized web agency.

At C2Corner, we provide you with all the tools you need to create your e-commerce site and develop your online store on marketplaces. For example, we offer you investment solutions to supply your inventory, a successful acquisition strategy to generate traffic, and an expert team to support you.

Note that many e-merchants are already using our services to quickly boost their sales and thereby sustainably increase their turnover. So, if you want to grow your business, go ahead and discover our solutions and resources now.


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