What is the Help Desk?

by Marketing Team

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What is the Help Desk?

by Marketing Team

The establishment of a Help Desk service undoubtedly contributes to improving the quality of the services provided to users. It is a practical and efficient way to establish direct contact with them. What exactly is the Help Desk? What is it used for ? What are the missions of the Help Desk technician? We have covered all your questions in this blog. 


What is the Help Desk?

The Help Desk is an essential structure to guarantee the company's communication with customers. Commonly called “Service Desk”, “IT support” or even “call center”, this service aims to meet the needs in terms of assistance requests. The latter concerns issues relating to Information and Communication Technologies (ICT). 

Initially, the Help Desk was mainly a remote troubleshooting service, for example- Communication was by telephone. Now you have many points of contact to easily communicate with your customers. From emails and phone calls to instant messaging, you have multiple choice. However, this depends on your budget and your goals. 


What are the role and missions of the Help Desk service?

The Help Desk service ensures the proper functioning of the company on a technical level. He manages the information system, assists users, intervenes in the event of technical problems and provides appropriate solutions. 

This service is also involved in external communication. It receives and records incoming calls. The technician may also need to contact users to provide them with information on your company's activities. Some of examples are -

- to inform customers of a possible price change,

- a promotional offer, etc. 


How to effectively set up a Help Desk service?

The effectiveness of a help desk depends on several factors. Indeed, you must carefully study the project before implementing it. This study mainly concerns the strategy to adopt, the necessary infrastructures, the deliverable, etc. 

The team in charge of running the call center should have strong customer service knowledge and skills. Other than that, The team should be proficient and knowledgeable about the deals you have. This allows it to provide relevant answers and information to users.

Whatever strategy you adopt, you must take into account the needs of the users who are the primary target of the Help Desk service .


Focus on the qualifications of the Help Desk technician

To ensure the quality and efficiency of the help desk, you must understand the importance of the human aspect of this service. This implies that the skills of the Help Desk technician should not be limited to the IT level. It is not only a profession of computer scientist. 

The employee in charge of the Help Desk service should also operates in the field of business assistance and customer relations . In addition to mastering new technologies, he must demonstrate pedagogy and empathy.

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