What are the commission rates charged per marketplace & How to calculate it?

by Marketing Team

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What are the commission rates charged per marketplace & How to calculate it?

by Marketing Team

Each marketplace applies its own sales policy. However, marketplaces are all remunerated from commissions. eBay and Rakuten are ranked the cheapest among the most well-known platforms in the market. That said, the choice of e-commerce site should depend on the items to be sold and the volume of products to be marketed.

To generate more profits, learn more about commissions by marketplace in this blog. 


Are the commission fees on different marketplaces high?

Fees are the first criterion to consider when choosing a marketplace to sell. They must be compared taking into account your costs, but also the volume generated by the marketplace. 

To do this, determine how much the commission fees for the marketplace of your choice are. You will deduce from this whether it is reasonable to pay such a percentage to bring in additional turnover. 

You can also compare the marketplace's commission fees with those you are likely to pay by generating the same traffic on your own site.

While commissions can be significant, their comparison with the costs you would have incurred to achieve a turnover equivalent to that generated through marketplaces often allows to estimate the value brought by the latter. Moreover, it is generally possible to make a slight increase in your selling price to include commission costs.


Marketplace commissions applicable to the sale price

In general, the commission fees of a marketplace apply to the sale price including VAT (shipping costs already included) except for ManoMano marketplace. This solution has been especially adapted to simplify the calculation. 

For example, a marketplace applies a commission of 10% HT. If you sell a product for 100 euros including tax, the commission will therefore amount to 10 euros excluding tax. Looking at your income before tax, it turns out that it will be 83.33 euros (100 euros divided by 1.2). Finally, the commission will be 12% (10 euros divided by 83.33). To avoid falsifying the calculations, it is recommended to use the calculation of charges on prices including VAT . 


Comparison of commissions by marketplace

The amount of commissions varies from one marketplace to another. Here are several examples:



On Amazon , the commissions correspond to the subscription, the selling costs according to the category of the product and the management costs. The subscription costs 39 euros per month .



Rakuten applies three types of fees relating to a sale, namely subscription, management fees and commission. The subscription varies from 39 to 499 euros per month depending on which one you choose. As for the management fees, they cost 0.15 euro per item sold .



On eBay , there are subscription fees, ad insertion fees, and options or tools fees. Regarding the subscription, you can choose between the one at 19.50 euros per month, the one at 39.50 euros per month or the one at 149.50 euros per month and these all have different features.



To sell on Cdiscount , you must pay a subscription fee of 39 euros HT per month. Commission fees vary depending on the product category and its condition (new or not new).



The commission on ManoMano is set at 20% on average. This is a commission applied excluding tax. As for the subscription, it costs 35 euros per month.


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