Top 7 reasons why you must own your ecommerce website during this Covid19 pandemic

by Marketing Team

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Top 7 reasons why you must own your ecommerce website during this Covid19 pandemic

by Marketing Team

The pandemic has seen an explosion of digital businesses, and it's high time your business takes off and scales exponentially as well. With C2 Corner’s eCommerce Website Development services, you can make a rich eCommerce website for your offline business. But why should your small enterprise take such a huge step? Let’s find out

Why an eCommerce website could be the best thing for you at this time


As per a recent worldwide study, small businesses that shifted more than 25%  of their sales online were more likely to report higher sales in 2021 than in the last year. 

Here are a few reasons why: 

1. The new, digitally savvy customer:

 As per a study by Facebook and Deloitte, 48% of customers increased their online shopping after the Covid-19 outbreak. Customers who used to prefer offline purchases have also been forced to move to eCommerce in 2020 for everything from essentials to luxuries. This has introduced them to a whole new world of benefits and convenience. They are now getting used to eCommerce during the pandemic, and you can expect them to stick to the habit even after the pandemic. 

 2. The logistics boom:

Thanks to the rise of eCommerce during the pandemic, logistics providers are developing. Starting in 2021, logistics companies that use intelligent systems such as Machine Learning, provide smooth supply chains, better after-sale experiences, and lower costs to stakeholders will win the race. When you have the right logistics partner, you need not provide start-to-end shopping experiences. Simply focus on setting up your website and improving your offerings. 

3. New local customers:

 The lockdown had restricted movement and as a result, offline shoppers moved to sellers in their neighborhood instead of faraway stores. The dependence on local stores and services increased. It is the right time to start with an eCommerce website and retain these customers by providing them with greater convenience. 

4. Expansion of customer base:

While customers in your neighborhood would reach out to you for convenience, those in faraway locations could provide a lot of first-time trials since your brand is new to them. You can now expand your customer base to different cities. With targeted marketing and digital promotions, you can hype your products up for newer markets and tell them what they have been missing just because of distance.

5. The reducing attraction of offline events:

There has been a visible fall in the excitement for large-scale offline events such as Black Friday sales. Plus, there has been a rise in the excitement for online events such as Amazon sales. Online sales are easier to follow, save time and money, and allow you to check out multiple stores at once. In this scenario, using eCommerce in 2021 for your sales and offers can give you a lot of leverage with local as well as outstation customers. 

6. Social media marketing opportunity:

 As per the Facebook-Deloitte survey mentioned earlier, 40% of the respondents claimed that their usage of social media for shopping recommendations has increased this year. Usage of social media, in general, has also increased across the world. This presents a whole new marketing opportunity to a business that hadn’t gone online before. Social media marketing costs less and can be handled by a single person. It can be the perfect communication channel for eCommerce in 2021. 

7. Creativity in difficulty:

The lockdown has put almost all businesses in survival mode, and everyone suddenly switched to their creative best for keeping their jobs and their companies afloat. It is the right time to try new things and find new solutions. Starting eCommerce during the pandemic could be the one thing that brings you prosperity in difficulty, and you just got multiple reasons to believe so. 



Online is the word of the year, and the trend of online shopping is here to stay. No matter how small your business is, investing a little in eCommerce can be a risk that pays off in the form of an amazing rise in business. With a cost-effective and customized website, C2 Corner can help you find customers, drive sales, and manage your day-to-day e-commerce business activity. 


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