The list of top online marketplaces in France

by Marketing Team

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The list of top online marketplaces in France

by Marketing Team

The democratization and development of the Internet has changed the behavior of people who operate in the commercial market. Buying various products and taking advantage of certain services without traveling is now possible. Thanks to marketplaces or online sales platforms, sellers or service providers can easily interact with their customers. The communications and transactions between two or more parties become simpler and smoother. 

France is a developed country which have marketplaces. Here are some essential marketplaces in France.


The marketplace, a model that appeals to more sellers

Individuals, professionals and independent sellers now operate on marketplaces, offering various products and services. In return, online sales platforms charge a commission on each transaction being carried out, whether it is a sale of products, a service, a subscription, etc. 

According to the Fevad (Federation of e-commerce and distance selling), 30% of e-commerce sales are made on these marketplaces. More than the majority of merchant sites operate on these online sales platforms


Some essential marketplaces in France

These platforms appear in the list of the most popular online sales sites in France. They allow sellers to have a shop open 7/7 and 24/24.



One of the global web giants, the Amazon marketplace was launched in the 2000s. It is one of the most popular online sales platforms in France. 

It offers a whole range of products and services. Every month, the online sales platform counts more than 300 million products goes online with 30.8 million visitors. 



The Cdiscount marketplace belongs to the Casino group. Launched in 1998, it focused on the sale of CDs and DVDs. From now on, it is one of the most visited online sales sites in France. 

With more than 20.1 million visitors per month, Cdiscount offers at least 15 product categories. You can buy household appliances, fashion accessories, products for animals etc.



Launched in 2008, the Fnac marketplace currently concentrates more than 50 product categories with more than 40 million references. 

The FNAC also integrates the list of sales platforms online the most visited in France. It registers 14 million visitors every month.



Each month, 13.7 million Internet users visit the Veepee marketplace. This brand was a leader in the world of private sales before creating a marketplace. 

On Veepee, visitors unearth a wide choice of wines, decoration products, fashion items etc. is a specialized marketplace that offers various products and services. Each month, this online sales platform attracts 13.4 million visitors. 

They buy train tickets, book hotels and take out travel insurance on this site.



Vinted is also a specialized “ Vintage ” marketplace. This platform focuses on the sale of second-hand clothes and fashion accessories. 

With 2.2 transactions per second, it records more than 11 million visitors per month.


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