Selling online without hiring employee is possible now

by Marketing Team

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Selling online without hiring employee is possible now

by Marketing Team

You don't have an e-commerce site? No problem, thanks to the marketplace, you can sell products or services online. It is therefore unnecessary to seek the services of a professional to launch and manage your business. However, if you want to develop your business on a larger scale, the intervention of a marketer is necessary. 


Marketplace, a strategic sales channel

More and more consumers are shopping online. Internet became essential when it comes to finding information on any product or service. Faced with this observation, sales people must develop adapted strategies to achieve their objectives.

Selling your products and services on an e-commerce site is a possibility. In this case, you must use the services of a professional to create, manage and list your online store.

If this option does not suit you, you can sell on a marketplace. You just need to register or subscribe to the platform to be able to publish your offers.

Online sales platforms appeal to both sellers and consumers. In addition, they perfectly meet the requirements of the marketplaces & consumer, who have shown a change in behavior in recent years.


How the marketplace works and benefits

The marketplace is a meeting platform for online sellers and buyers. The object of the sale can be a product or a service.

E-merchants sell a variety of products on online sales platforms. In return, the marketplace receive a commission on each product or service sold. They may also offer additional options for additional payments.

The use of a marketplace optimizes the visibility of the e-merchant. This solution is very suitable for those who are starting their business online.

Note that online sales platforms can be classified into different categories:

  • The generic marketplaces - These tools include marketplaces that offer several categories of goods and services. Amazon , Cdiscount and eBay are among them.
  • The categorized marketplaces - They include, for example Rakuten France and Rue du Commerce .
  • The specialized marketplaces - These platforms are for sellers who offer deals well defined to targeted customers. 3 Suisses , ASOS and La Redoute are among them.




Why call on marketplace professionals?

In a marketplace, you have many tools to manage and monitor your sales. These tools therefore serve you as assistants in the implementation of your project.

However, if you are going to grow your business on a larger scale, you need to build a team to help bring your project to life. Among other things, you will need a marketplace specialist to effectively manage your place in the market .

This professional should be able to offer you adapted solutions to optimize your sales and increase your turnover. It can also help you anticipate problems and avoid mistakes that could compromise the success of your project.


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