Our advice for selling well on online marketplaces

by Marketing Team

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Our advice for selling well on online marketplaces

by Marketing Team

marketplace refers to an online sales platform on which there are many sellers. If by using it, consumers have a wider choice of products, e-merchants, and in term benefit of seller, they can hope to increase their sales using marketplaces. Here are some tips for making profit on an online marketplace .


Find the right marketplace

The first tip for selling well on marketplaces is to choose the right marketplace. You have to know that there are different kinds. We have distinguish them below:

  • The general market places - These marketplaces sell different categories of products. For example Amazon , Cdiscount , Fnac , Pixmania ...
  • The specialized marketplaces - These only offer products relating to a single activity. For example, ManoMano as it focuses only on gardening and DIY items.

If you are planning to sell on a marketplace for the first time, start with a marketplace that specializes in your field if you can find one. When you have gained some experience, you can continue adding product on general marketplaces.


Sell ​​the right products

Before posting an ad on a marketplace, first determine the products you want to promote. You can place promotional items there. You can also sell products that are reaching the end of their life or that you have difficulty in disposing. Finally, be sure to display those products that are selling extremely well on your own e-commerce site.

The ideal is to display all of the items that you sell on the market places. To do this, expand your product catalog as you go. Selling the accessories for your TOP products is another tip for increasing your visibility.


Offer a variety of products

If you want to know how to sell well online, take a look at your product inventory. Do you think it is quite rich and fleshed out? If this is not the case, you will have to think about varying your items. Indeed, the diversity of offers & product is a criterion that must absolutely be taken into account.

The more varied your products, the more your sales will increase. For example, on Sarenza , a marketplace specializing in the sale of shoes  Nike and Adidas hold the largest market share. Their respective catalog contains no less than 1,300 shoe models.


Optimize the product sheet/feeds

To increase your profits, make sure your marketplace ads are visible. To do this, be sure to write your product sheets and implement SEO techniques. The optimization of product sheets have various criteria and activities, the most important of which are:

  • Product title - It should be relevant, catchy and to the point. It must indicate the nature of the product, its brand, its model and even its reference.
  • Images -  They must be as faithful as possible to the product and of high quality. On Etsy , 9 in 10 visitors said the quality of the photos was a factor in their purchase. If possible, also include a short video so that consumers can see the product being used or worn.
  • Keywords-  They are essential to optimize the visibility of your product pages on marketplaces



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