Maximize Sales For Your Shopify Site with Growth Marketing

by Marketing Team

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Maximize Sales For Your Shopify Site with Growth Marketing

by Marketing Team

2020 was a year of challenges. The brick and mortar shops that gathered over 40% worldwide now gather a mere 6% of the global population. Our customer base has gone digital. The ones who realized this sooner made the most out of this change in trends across the world. The companies that overcame 2020 were the ones who used growth marketing in their operations. 

Before we dive into what growth marketing is and give some relevant Shopify marketing tips, let us brush up on what traditional marketing is all about and how it can and has been used to amplify online stores on Shopify:

1. Digital Marketing


Digital marketing boosts your online stores and ecommerce website sales by focusing on organic marketing techniques and ads on either social media platforms, search engines, or relevant websites. Your digital marketing agency for ecommerce can run an ad campaign to generate sales or create ad copies to attract and influence the buying decisions. 

It is also important to optimize the entirety of your site and operations for mobile users. Most of the audience visits are from mobile devices. Mobile accounts for 65% of all ecommerce traffic and 53% of sales as per the SalesCycle report. If the site is not optimized for mobiles, the customer will lose focus and move on to something else.

2. Search Engine Optimization For E-commerce


SEO strategy defines personalized search engine marketing and organic search engine optimization for your organization based on your current consumer base and customer market by leveraging SEO tools such as Google AdWords or Analytics.

3. SERP Focused Blogs And Articles


This strategy involves creating personalized ad copies and blog articles, focusing not only on search engine optimization but also on the needs of the user, improving the bond between the brand and the customer.

This is ideally required on a weekly/monthly basis. These posts can be focused on improving your ranking on search page results, answering questions and queries a potential customer can have, and creating search optimized product descriptions for your Shopify products.

4. Other Channels


You can also use loyalty programs, contests and giveaways, promotions and discounts, and other marketing techniques on your Shopify site for your ecommerce sales strategy, one such example could be Black Friday Promo.

Leveraging influencers’ power has become a critical step towards creating an improved brand image and building a community bond. With the world going digital rapidly, this is the right time to invest in influencer marketing to promote your products.

Since consumers spend a significant part of their lives on social media platforms, they also prefer to satisfy their shopping needs through social media platforms. Hence the growth in sales through social media marketing for ecommerce has been exponential in 2020 and is expected to show the same trend in 2021.

The general marketing practices applied for online stores typically use a combination of all the above marketing techniques with ecommerce content marketing, and establish a set of methods in their operation. Once the structure is laid down, they follow it like a Bible over and over again for successful results and tweak the campaigns for better outcomes only if needed.

Growth Marketing


Growth marketing takes the same model and adds a twist to it. It takes those techniques as layers and insights derived from previous marketing campaigns, performs technical analysis at every point of operation, and churns out a new and improved structure to be implemented on the next campaigns for your Shopify marketing strategy. Then again, it learns from this campaign and churns out a new model. And so on. Think of growth marketing as an improvement over your standard marketing. Like a marketing version 2.0

C2 Corner - Growth Marketing is one ecommerce marketing services solution for implementing growth marketing for your business. Its 3 step process simplifies the entire procedure of iterative improvement by combining all strategies under one hub. This way, you can focus your time and energy on your other business aspects. At the same time, Growth Marketing from C2 Corner maximizes your traffic, increases your customer base, and creates a set of loyal customers that bring in more new customers.



2021 is going to be a digital year. The success rate will be greater for those who employ growth marketing techniques for their online businesses to make the most out of this digital shift.


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