Maximize Sales and Stay Ahead of Your Prestashop and WordPress Competition

by Marketing Team

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Maximize Sales and Stay Ahead of Your Prestashop and WordPress Competition

by Marketing Team


Before last year, online commercial centers were consumed by 35% of the worldwide populace. The lockdown has raised that number to a whopping 94%! This is confirmation that online marketplaces are gaining popularity and hold a fair share of shopping experiences for the future. It's time for you to adapt to this development by having an innovative, iterative, and convincing marketing methodology implemented in your online marketplace growth strategies, preferably with the help of a specialized digital marketing agency for eCommerce.

What Is Associated With Conventional Marketing? 


Conventional marketing from any eCommerce marketing company addresses market mindfulness and client obtaining; growth marketing addresses client operations, maintenance, and reference programs. This incorporates settling on insight-driven innovative choices, having the product engaged with a programmer's attitude, having no dread of disappointment, and realizing how to recount a story. 

Conventional marketing includes the following key areas: 

1. Digital Marketing 

The majority of the visits to marketplaces or eCommerce stores these days are from smartphones. Portable media records for 65% of all eCommerce traffic and 53% of deals according to SaleCycle. On the off chance that the site isn't improved for mobiles, the client will lose interest and proceed onward to something different. 

Digital advertising helps your online marketplace and eCommerce site by zeroing in on naturally promoting methods and advertisements on either web-based media stages, web indexes, or relevant third-party sites. You can run an eCommerce content marketing or advertising campaign to produce deals or promote products and attract new customers at scale and also impact their purchasing choices for future buying decisions.

2. Website Improvement via Search Engine Optimisation

Website design enhancement procedure characterizes customized internet searcher advertising and organic site improvement, dependent on your target audience and market. This is done by utilizing SEO tools, such as Google Adwords or Analytics. 

3. Search Engine Optimization for eCommerce

The quality content creation includes customized promotions and blog/articles, zeroing in on website streamlining, and on the client’s requirements, improving the connection between the brand and the client. Ecommerce SEO optimization is unmistakably needed on a weekly/monthly basis. These posts can be centered around improving your positioning on search results pages, addressing questions or inquiries a potential client can have, and searching advanced item portrayals for your Prestashop or WordPress sites.

 4. Other Channels 

Utilizing influencers' capacity has become an essential part of eCommerce marketing strategy and building a cult following for the brand. With the world advancing quickly, this is the right way to put resources into influencer showcasing and create an evergreen impact. Likewise, you can utilize strategies like dedicated campaigns, challenges and giveaways, and other promotions on your Prestashop or WordPress site to impact your customer’s decision. One such example can be the Black Friday Promo. 

Since the customer spends a critical piece of their lives via web-based media stages, they would want to fulfill their shopping needs through a web-based media funnel. Consequently, the development in deals through online media commercial centers has been dramatic in 2020 and is relied upon to show a similar pattern in 2021. 

Growth Marketing


Growth marketing takes the pre-existing model and adds a set of changes to it. It accepts those strategies as layers and experiences gained from past promoting efforts, performs improvements at each stage of the customer journey, and produces a better structure to be implemented in future campaigns. And then repeats the process again and again.

Growth marketing is essentially advertising 2.0. It takes the conventional model and adds extra layers of information-driven efforts; esteem added blog entries, streamlining SEO efforts, creative advertisements, A/B testing, and a better in-depth analysis at each stage of the customer journey. It is almost inevitable for Prestashop eCommerce development. It may appear to be overpowering and overwhelming to execute this alone and deal with your business simultaneously. That is the stage where Growth Marketing by C2 Corner becomes an integral factor for your business.

So How Do You Use Growth Marketing?


There is no sure-shot way of using Growth marketing. It can be as small as changing the color of a button to as complicated as reengineering the entire customer onboarding process. 

Here are a few ways you can experiment with:

  • Tweak around with form submissions, messaging, the button orientation, color of the button, the structure of the page, etc.
  • Experiment with different social media plans, what kind of posts get the most traffic, what frequency of posts is most successful when driving blog traffic.
  • An experiment in providing customized services or improving the reliability of your products.
  • Try new rewards or advertising strategies in the sense of the referral scheme.
  • Experiment on pricing techniques, how prices are presented on the page, using upselling methods while the consumer is approaching the end of the product/service cap.


Note the effect that the experiment has on the customers. How many people are going to be influenced by your experiment? Ensure that the experiment extracts information from a large enough sample to produce definitive findings. If the efforts don’t result in enough engagement, you may need to stretch the experiment’s time to collect data from a large set of audience.



Growth marketing is a challenging endeavor and performing it on your own requires redirecting significant assets intended to develop your business. Growth Marketing by C2 Corner can help you expand your range with higher odds of change while you center your assets around developing your business.

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