Marketplace: the new Eldorado for entrepreneurs

by Marketing Team

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Marketplace: the new Eldorado for entrepreneurs

by Marketing Team

Initiated by Amazon in the 2000s, the marketplace is attracting more and more players today. Also, going to a marketplace is becoming a habit among consumers to find what they need daily. We can therefore say that selling on a marketplace is an interesting option to increase the growth of your e-commerce, because it allows to obtain a better scalability, in the face of the increasing demands of consumers. So how does this market work? The answer immediately.

What is the marketplace and how does it work?


To expand their e-commerce market, major brands such as Amazon, eBay, Cdiscount, etc. have set up sales platforms on which sellers, professionals or individuals, can put an item up for sale. The principle of the marketplace is therefore similar to dropshipping, because it allows a seller to offer his products to a customer via an online sales platform.

At a time when consumers are buying more and more products online - via their smartphone - marketplaces are proving to be the best solution for selling products on the internet. Indeed, marketplaces are an important lever for online sales, because they allow brands to reach new customers, conquer new markets and above all convert more customers.

What are the advantages of selling on a marketplace?

When you go to sell on a marketplace, you will benefit from the sales space and you will benefit from the notoriety of the online platform. This makes it easier to grab the attention of your visitors and get them to buy your products. Besides, merchant sites also provide APIs and other web marketing tools to sell on the internet. These allow you to easily share your product catalog with consumers, set prices and retrieve information for order processing. All in all, it offers you an effective tool for planning and receiving reports on your sales site.

Also, one of the biggest advantages of selling on a marketplace is that it allows you to sell products directly to your customers, without stock or logistics constraints, but you just need to manage your order well. So you save more time and money by choosing to sell on a marketplace. Fixed costs are reduced because the marketplace only charges a commission each time you complete a transaction.

What are the pitfalls to avoid when selling on a marketplace?

Although marketplaces have several advantages, there are many parameters to consider before entering this market. First of all, you must respect all the rules of the platform, particularly on the product catalog, the charts on the photos, shipping times and costs, the quality of customer service ...

Besides, we must also pay attention to the economic equation. If you think that selling in a marketplace is easy because you only need to showcase your catalog and the money flows, you are wrong. Indeed, marketplace profitability takes time and requires a lot of work. This is a long term project and you will need to put in place a good strategy, as it requires real expertise. In other words, each marketplace has its specificities that must be mastered to succeed in maximizing sales.

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