How To Start An eCommerce Store With HubSpot?

by Marketing Team

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How To Start An eCommerce Store With HubSpot?

by Marketing Team

Apart from using clever eCommerce marketing strategies, you also have to sneak peek into your customers' minds if you want to grow your eCommerce store. Customers usually provide a lot of information when they interact with or purchase from online retailers. Using such valuable information makes it easy for you to figure out what your customers are looking for. Add excellent customer service to it, and voila! Your e-business will grab massive attention, and all this is possible only with the help of HubSpot.

Connect HubSpot to your eCommerce website

When you connect HubSpot CMS with your eCommerce website, you will be able to integrate the customer-provided data with HubSpot's marketing tools. In fact, there are several user-friendly marketing tools that you can use to reach out to your customers in a better manner.

But how to connect your eCommerce store with HubSpot Marketplace?

The process of connecting your eCommerce store with the HubSpot Marketplace is relatively easy and convenient. Initiate with hosting your eCommerce online store with a purpose-built eCommerce platform. Once you get connected with the HubSpot marketplace, you will be able to use numerous tools to attract more customers and convert such leads to your revenue. The steps include: 

  • Connect your eCommerce site with the HubSpot and sync the data across the platforms. This will ensure that the order history and the checkout flow are now displaying on the HubSpot Marketplace.

  • After that, click on the marketplace icon located on the top right corner of the navigation bar.

  • Next, click on the search bar to locate the platform for managing your online store and choose the appropriate option for your eCommerce store.

  • Finally, click on the ConnectApp and follow the instructions on the screen to connect your eCommerce store to the HubSpot Marketplace.

Classify the customers according to their buying pattern

Once you have synced your retail store with HubSpot, you need to classify and segment your customers as per their buying patterns. Once that classification is done, you can design personalized marketing campaigns by offering your customers what they need. For instance, you can offer them exclusive deals and can suggest alternative products as per their requirements.

Automate sales campaign via Hubspot

If you are using HubSpot Integrations as your eCommerce platform, you can take advantage of the workflows that create personalized marketing campaigns for your customers based on the data provided by them. Show your effort to reach out to your customers individually with a customized email. You never know as it can make a significant difference to your business by turning a one-time customer into a loyal one.

How can you ensure a timely email for a new customer? 

Well, it can be done with automation software. With the help of HubSpot integrations, you can set up an automated workflow for your eCommerce store as follows:

  • Open your HubSpot account and click on the Marketplace icon.

  • Under the Manage option, select the ‘Connected Apps.’

  • Choose the installed eCommerce app and select the option "set up an eCommerce workflow."

  • On the right panel, you will observe some recommended actions for the workflow that you have chosen. Select the action for adding it to the workflow.

  • Save the workflow, review it, and turn it on. That’s it! You’re ready with automated email campaigns for your customers.


The worldwide pandemic situation has become a boon for online businesses. People are now more comfortable shopping online via their smartphones and tabs. Therefore, tap into the immense potential that an online eCommerce business can bring to you in these challenging and struggling times. If you take the plunge online with the right strategies and tools from HubSpot, success will knock on your doors soon.

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