How to sponsor or promote your products on the marketplace?

by Marketing Team

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How to sponsor or promote your products on the marketplace?

by Marketing Team

Publishing classified ads on a marketplace is essential for making profit on the Internet. Marketplaces have a large customer base; for example, in France alone, Amazon has more than 21 million subscribers. You can take advantage of the significant traffic from marketplaces to increase your sales. These platforms also offer techniques to further promote the products. Sponsoring articles or paid promotion is one of them.


Why sponsor articles on marketplaces?

The marketplaces are online sales platforms that enable online retailers to develop a better visibility on the Web. Registering provides various advantages which are as follow:

  • Audience network - Take advantage of the strong audience of the chosen marketplace. Note that the best marketplaces have millions of unique visitors every month.
  • Diversified distribution channels - Thanks to a marketplaces, you have a system other than your e-store and your physical store to sell.
  • Benefit from the variety and experience of an online commerce juggernaut. Amazon , Alibaba , Facebook Marketplace , Cdiscount , Rue Du Commerce and other marketplaces often offer various functions relating to payment, delivery, after-sales service, etc.
  • Have innovative techniques to stand out from the competition. If the marketplaces already allow you to improve your visibility, they offer other solutions to optimize it further. The sponsored products make this optimization process possible.

Today it is recommended to boost an ad of product you are selling on marketplaces. The competition on these marketplaces continues to increase and hence the sponsorship or paid promotion of your products will allow you to stand out from the crowd and put them forward.


How to create sponsored products?

To attract attention to your marketplace ads, you must first create an advertising campaign. The technique is simple and is similar to how Google Adwords or other PPC ad works. To proceed, you must:

  • Go to the dedicated tab for creating an advertising campaign.
  • Name the advertising campaign.
  • Define the duration by specifying a start date and an end date.
  • Specify the keywords on which the advertising campaign will be positioned. In general, a campaign can consist of several ad groups. Each must have specific keywords.
  • Set a daily budget for the campaign.
  • Enter a bid.

Regarding the choice of keywords, it is possible to let the marketplace select them for you. It will be based on the requests of Internet users on its platform as well as on product information to define them. However, you can determine them yourself according to your needs.

Before using the marketplace service, be aware that a few conditions are required. The products that you can promote by paid means are the products that should present on your store created on the marketplace platform.

Once the ad campaign is created, marketplaces will only charge you for the products that buyers click on.

By using the paid promotion of product marketplace with gain profit in less time than usual.

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