How to sell online for free and make profit?

by Marketing Team

How to Sell Online ,

How to sell online for free and make profit?

by Marketing Team

The use Internet has completely changed the behavior of consumers and sellers. The online selling has become essential for vendors who wish to make profit and increase their turnover. The concept of marketplace works in their favor and the good point is seller have the opportunity to sell on a marketplace for free. 

We have compiled a list of different existing solutions that can help seller to sell online for free.


Online commerce, a phenomenal trend

To sell on a marketplace and make a profit, you must first understand the concept of e-commerce. How to sell online? That is the question.

The online sales is a real technical work. It is not enough to take a beautiful photo of your products and put them online. Among other things, you must study the market, establish a business plan and regularize your activity. Other than that, you need to ensure your presence on the web.

Thus, registration on online sales platforms or social networks is essential. for example, you can use the Facebook marketplace if you are an individual seller. You can also create your own e-commerce site.


Create an online sales platform, an e-commerce site

Having your own online sales platform is an excellent solution for effectively developing an e-commerce activity. There are many platforms where you can create your own e-commerce site for free. Despite being free, they are equipped with several extensions and offer many features. The goal is to personalize your site as much as possible.

This online solution gives you the possibility of expanding your services while improving their quality. In addition, consumers like to stay on top of the trend and particularly appreciate evolving offers.

However, managing an e-commerce site requires certain skills. Otherwise, you will be compromising transaction security and jeopardizing the success of your business.


Sell ​​on a marketplace for free

According to the study "B2C marketplaces and their ecosystem" published by Xerfi, marketplaces will be able to capture 33% of online sales by 2021. Thus, if you want to develop your activity in the next 5 or 10 years, you absolutely must go through these platforms. Note that many marketplaces provide sellers with free tools to run their business activity.

Apart from that, marketplaces are an interesting alternative to e-commerce. They are easy to use and more practical. By choosing this solution, you will not have a site to manage or worry about secure transactions.

Note that 80% of international salespeople  use EbayAlibaba, and Amazon. The last two platforms offer free places to online sellers. Their advantage lies in the fact that they offer you the opportunity to develop your business on an international scale.

However, you will notice that the marketplaces that offer you to sell for free also have some good ecommerce feature in paid version. By opting for the paid system, you can benefit from additional feature on these marketplaces.


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