How to sell on a marketplace in a right manner?

by Marketing Team

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How to sell on a marketplace in a right manner?

by Marketing Team

The marketplaces generate significant sales. For example, in 2018, third-party sellers on Amazon achieved $160 billion in business volume. Your presence on these e-commerce sites allows you to expand your customer base, benefit your business with better visibility and increase your sales. The use of these marketplaces is still unclear for some e-merchants, although they have been around for many years. In this article, you will learn how to sell on a marketplace in right manner.


Which marketplace to choose?

To know which marketplace to choose, you must learn to distinguish between the different existing platforms:

  • The B2C marketplaces have human professional salesmen and direct consumers. This is particularly the case with marketplaces like Amazon and Spartoo .
  • The B2B marketplaces bring together professional sellers and professional buyers. Alibaba is the best known in this category, but there are others like Amazon Business .
  • The marketplaces C2C bring together private sellers and private buyers. Airbnb , Facebook Marketplace , BedyCasa are a few examples.
  • The horizontal marketplaces offer different product categories. Auchan , Cdiscount and Amazon are the pioneers.
  • Vertical marketplaces focus on products relating to a specific activity, like ManoMano or TrueFacet .






Vary your offers on the marketplace

Whatever marketplace you choose, you should always offer a well-rounded product catalog. The richer the product catalog, the more visibility you will gain and which ultimately result in increased sales. On marketplace, it is very necessary to emphasize the quality of the product sheets and product visuals.

When you build your catalog, proceed as you would on your own e-commerce site. Therefore, do not hesitate to display your flagship products on these platforms. Also remember to shed some light on the accessories and main features of the product.


To sell on a marketplace, optimize your sponsored ads

When placing an advertisement on a marketplace, be careful not to forget the quality of the content of the product sheet as the buyers can get a precise idea of ​​the item because of it. The product sheet must be well optimized by inserting specific keywords through which consumers will be able to find the product (see our article on how to optimize the product sheets).

The product sheet must also include all the descriptive characteristics of the article, quality visuals and well written product title. Regarding the product sheet, try to insert a complete description of the product, the model, the brand, the delivery times, the accepted means of payment and the customer review if there is one. It is this information that Internet users type in to search, hence the interest in using them.

As for the visuals of your products, make sure they are as real as possible according to the product. If possible, include a video in the listing so that buyers can see it in real life or in action. Videos on product feeds should be use as buyers tend to watch videos to get a feel for the product before buying.


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