How to choose a Marketplace to sell your products?

by Marketing Team

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How to choose a Marketplace to sell your products?

by Marketing Team

The Marketplace is an easier, faster, and more profitable way to sell your products online. However, with the creation of the new online sales platforms, the options available to retailers have widened considerably and it is increasingly difficult to choose the platform on which to offer their products. Let's find out together how to find a Marketplace!

What is a Marketplace ?


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The Marketplace, or “market place” in French, refers to the platforms that connect customers and sellers on the Internet. These sales platforms make it easy for buyers to find the products they are looking for, all on one site. In other words, a Marketplace is therefore a shopping center, but on the Internet. Indeed, it offers shopping malls on its site, on which sellers can offer their products.


Namely that the sellers on the Marketplace can be companies or individuals. They benefit from the functionality of the e-commerce platform and its traffic, but in return, they pay a commission on the sales they make.

How to choose a Marketplace?


First, you need to analyze and understand which online market is going to give you the most exposure. For this, it is advisable to choose a recognized Marketplace that has a good reputation in terms of sales. Indeed, trust is very important in the context of online sales.


Logistical support is also an essential criterion to be taken into account. You must ensure that the Marketplace has an appropriate collection and delivery arrangement. Besides, you should also carefully compare the cost of the subscription before making your choice. To sell better, it is even better to pay more and get all the facilities than to pay less and spend even more on other essential things like logistics.

Why choose to sell on Amazon?


Globally, Amazon’s platform is one of the largest online marketplaces. Indeed, this Marketplace is used by millions of people every day and it offers a wide range of products. Just about every consumer item you can think of can be found here and for some time now it has also offered digital media like movies, music, and video games.


So, if you want to get into e-commerce, selling on Amazon is the best solution. In addition to its high traffic, the advantage of Amazon is that it can be used to sell almost anything. Additionally, you will be able to sell on this platform whether you are an individual seller, or a business, although most sellers on Amazon are online businesses.


Namely, selling on the Amazon Marketplace is very easy. Indeed, it offers several programs and you will only have to choose the formula that suits your needs, depending on your product and the quantity you want to sell. Just be aware that some options require monthly sales fees, referral fees, and variable closing costs.


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