How selling on B2C marketplace is different than B2B

by Marketing Team

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How selling on B2C marketplace is different than B2B

by Marketing Team

According to a Xerfi study, 33% of online commerce will be carried out on marketplaces by 2021. This is not surprising given that the purchasing habits of consumers are increasingly integrating these platforms. But should we sell in a B2B marketplace or sell on a B2C marketplace? The choice will depend on your goals. Here is a little analysis of their differences.


B2B Marketplace vs B2C Marketplace: Different Goals and Purchase Cycles

The B2B (Business to Business) marketplace and the B2C (Business to Consumer) marketplace are platforms on which you can sell your products. These marketplaces are differentiated primarily by their users. Indeed, the B2B marketplace targets professionals while the B2C marketplace targets individuals. 

While consumers in B2C marketplaces are more looking for offers and entertainment, those who buy in B2B marketplaces are mostly in search of reason and logic. If you want to invest in one of these platforms, first of all consider the needs of your target customers and what you can offer them.

Regarding the sales cycle, the B2B marketplaces requires more attention and nurturing. As for sales on B2C marketplaces, a product's good description and content is enough. In fact, the consumers who consult them often wish to meet immediate needs. 

Thus, the B2C sales cycle can last only a few minutes, depending on the product sold. On the other hand, the contract for a B2B purchase can be spread over months or even several years.


Marketing techniques to apply on the B2B marketplace and the B2C marketplace

Whatever marketplace you choose, consider adopting a marketing strategy that will boost your sales. To sell on B2C marketplaces, first and foremost consider the needs of your customers. You should know that most often, the people who buy a product are those who use it. 

On the other hand, purchases on B2B marketplaces are often result of a decision taken together. In this case, it is important to take into account the expectations of all individuals who may be involved in the decision making.

Likewise, it is necessary to determine the volume of products to sell. On B2B marketplaces (Cdiscount Pro , Multivap , etc.), you will target a limited number of customers. This however will not prevent you from making huge profits. 

For their part, sellers in B2C marketplaces must reach a significant number of consumers to achieve their goals. You must therefore carry out an in-depth study of the volume of products to sell while selecting the platforms adapted to your product  categories: Cdiscount, RueduCommerce, and others. 

Thus, two radically different approaches must be taken on B2B and B2C marketplaces . Likewise, the amount you need to invest will depend fundamentally on your sales goals. 

In any case, selling on B2B and B2C marketplaces will allow you to optimize your turnover.

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