Guide to choose the best marketplace for selling products online

by Marketing Team

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Guide to choose the best marketplace for selling products online

by Marketing Team

In 2020, e-commerce sales will cross $4 trillion according to an eMarketer study. The marketplaces are the main driver of the business growth for an online business. These online marketplaces are among the platforms that generate the most turnover in the world. Thinking of getting started on one of them? The choice of a market place should not be made at random. To know which marketplace to choose, you have to take few elements into account. These elements are as follows:


Traffic and product visibility on the marketplace

To make your e-commerce work, your products must be visible to consumers. Thus, the chosen marketplace must be of a good referencing on the search engines and a top marketplace that have a good amount of traffic. This is very essential for generating traffic, attracting genuine leads and increasing the conversion rate of your prospects. Note that, some marketplaces manage to position themselves better than others. We can say same for the Amazon online sales platform or the Facebook marketplace.


Targeting and product category

Targeting remains essential in the context of a marketing operation, whether digital or physical. It allows you to classify your targets into different categories. For this, you must take into consideration different criteria's like gender, age, location etc.

Also, consider the category of products you are selling. There are general marketplaces such as the Amazon , Cdiscount or Priceminister marketplace and on the other hand, other platforms focus on one or more well-defined product categories such as Go Sport marketplace specializing in the sale of sports equipment or of ManoMano which only markets DIY and gardening items.


The tools made available to the seller

A good marketplace deploys simple, practical and easy-to-use tools. For example, it can make communication solutions such as messaging and chat available to sellers. These should allow you to easily manage your sales page, communicate easily with your customers, etc.

In addition, the marketplace must have accessible customer service that you can easily reach in case of problems.



To choose a marketplace, you must also take the payment security in account. This is a crucial criterion in the context of an operation on a market place. The platform must guarantee the security of exchanges, especially concerning the financial transaction.

Note that some marketplaces use their own payment systems and tools. For example, Amazon has developed Amazon Pay to the ease the payment transaction for their users.


The legal framework

It is essential to specify that digital commercial operations are subject to a legal framework. Thus, to ensure the smooth movement and development of your activity, you must turn to marketplaces capable of guaranteeing compliance with the regulations in force. For example, the quality of products as well as their compliance with safety and hygiene standards should taken in consideration.


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