Good reasons to sell your products on the Amazon Marketplace

by Marketing Team

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Good reasons to sell your products on the Amazon Marketplace

by Marketing Team

Today, it is possible to sell and buy products from partners who sell on Amazon, thanks to the development of the Marketplace. This option has many advantages for merchant sites because it allows them to develop their online marketing, without having to create an e-commerce site. The Amazon Marketplace is an online platform that allows all merchants to sell all types of products, whether new, used, refurbished, or collectible.

Why sell your products on the Amazon platform?



Due to its very broad commercial experience and its 5 platforms in Europe (France, England, Spain, Italy, Germany), Amazon is a very well-known brand that is currently in demand by millions of online buyers. What makes this platform the best site to sell its products.

In addition, to encourage its partners, Amazon Marketplace offers a free month's subscription at the start of the contract, especially for those who can customize their prices and shipping costs. They also pay no listing fees, and they have access to a forum, activity reports, and other automated management tools. Finally, Amazon allows all sellers a currency converter to receive payments in whatever currency they want. For all these reasons, selling on Amazon is , therefore a great way to start exporting your products, without taking any risks.

For a merchant site, the Amazon Marketplace, therefore, offers three major advantages: the acquisition of qualified traffic, the provision of logistics and sales tools, and the possibility of selling its products internationally, while limiting the risks.

How to become a seller on Amazon?


Want to enjoy all the benefits of selling on the Amazon Marketplace? Follow the next steps:

· Create an account on "Amazon Seller Central":

It is on this account that you will be able to manage your professional retailer account. On this interface, you can offer an unlimited number of products to your customers. In return, Amazon takes a small commission on each sale. Also, you must subscribe monthly to take advantage of the offer.

· Add your product sheets to the Amazon platform:

You have the choice to use the predefined references on the platform or to create new references. Only, for the latter, you must have an "EAN code" for all new products. In this step, it is strongly recommended to use a product feed manager.

· Choose a marketing and reporting tool to manage your orders:

To optimize your sales, Amazon Marketplace provides you with many tools, but for more efficiency, you should use the Amazon Seller Central interface or your feed manager. This gives you more control over your presence in the Amazon marketplace.

· Ship your orders:

To ship your products, you can choose "Amazon Shipping". This way you will save on storage. Also, you will be able to ship your packages to all European countries, without the need for a physical presence on site.

If you have followed all these steps, you will be able to access all the features of the site. Only, this procedure does not exempt you from the marketing activities necessary to showcase your products on the Amazon Marketplace. Indeed, you must be very attentive to all the prerequisites of the platform to boost the visibility of your site and your product catalog: writing product sheets, valuing customer reviews, advertising campaigns, etc.

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