Everything about managing your product feeds on marketplaces

by Marketing Team

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Everything about managing your product feeds on marketplaces

by Marketing Team

There are several ways to optimize the visibility of your product feeds on marketplaces for best results. Good management of product flows is one of them. We shed light on these set of activities! What are the advantages ? How to manage it effectively?


Product catalog management: the notion of flow

Product feeds are files through which product catalogs are transferred to an external website ( marketplace , comparison site, etc.). These files contain information related to the catalogs in question, thus facilitating the management of this data. It can be the name of the products, their description, their price, available stocks or other information.

Receiving sites such as online sales platforms develop a product coding standard to which you must comply. Otherwise, their system will not be able to read the feeds sent from your website.

It is necessary to configure said flows so that they correspond to the requirements of the recipient sites. However, this does not change the specifications of the products.


Importance of product flow

This mechanism is presented as a simple and effective way to distribute your products on marketplaces , comparison sites, etc. The process used allows the products to keep their characteristics while respecting the standard presentation imposed by the recipient site.

You also have the opportunity to enhance and promote certain products. It then becomes easier to publish special offers on online sales platforms for example. Thanks to this technique, you can improve the SEO of your products and gain visibility. You can thus boost your sales and increase your turnover.

Note that it is possible & important to carry out a regular update or a quick modification of the information on the catalogs.


Efficient product flow management

To ensure the visibility of your products on the market, their distribution on several channels is essential. The configuration of product flows is not sufficient to ensure the efficiency of the operation. You must also obey other marketplace rules & techniques.


Updating product feeds

Besides the fact that the product feeds must comply with the requirements of the recipient site, it is essential to update them. Indeed, they must evolve according to market needs and sales results.

The changes made to the flows may concern the price of the product, promotional offers, conditions of sale or delivery, etc. They may be made on a daily, weekly or monthly basis, as the case may be.


Improved product flow

It is easier to improve the management of product flows by optimizing their visibility and readability. This practice is also very effective for sorting the products that you want to value or exclude.


Use of the services of a product flow manager

Note that online management tools make it easier to control product flows. These then become more visible on marketplaces like Amazon , AliExpress , Cdiscount or eBay .


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