Every thing about managing orders on marketplaces

by Marketing Team

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Every thing about managing orders on marketplaces

by Marketing Team


To sell in a marketplace , most of the work is focused on order management o marketplaces. Did you know that 70% of an e-merchant's time is dedicated to logistics management? For example, the eBay site is visited by more than 12 million French people every month. And the seller should specify the shipping time upon receipt of payment.


Why to manage your orders well on the marketplace?

On Amazon , Cdiscount , eBay and all other market platforms, Internet users can place their orders at any time. Order management thus becomes an important task which influences the quality of service & your sales. 

At the risk of making a buyer wait or missing a delivery, successfully managing orders on a marketplace requires great responsiveness. Far from the experience of a particular site, this operation requires more professionalism. This is one of the untold secret to a successful online sale.


How to properly manage orders on a marketplace?

To save time and avoid doing everything manually, use marketplace management software . For example,  use tools like C2 Soft that allows you to collect all your orders. These tools are easy to use, it performs other important tasks including adding products, controlling prices or managing customer service. Thanks to this software, order management becomes easier and much faster. 

Another interesting alternative is to outsource the management of your orders. On the C2Corner site, a professional team can manage all your orders for you. Focusing on your marketplace accounts,  The immediately answers customer questions and gets in direct contact with your warehouses.

To manage the orders, a seller must visit these marketplaces accounts every day. Normally the seller team should copy the list of received orders. Then, you have to collect all the information about a customer before sending. Once the package has been shipped, confirmation of the shipment must be sent to the marketplace . 

To avoid oversights and relieve yourself of these repetitive tasks, use a workflow manager. All your orders are on the back-end of your e-commerce site. The confirmation of the shipment, the transmission of the package tracking number and the inventory update become automatic.

Last possibility, entrust the management of your orders directly to your marketplace. It is no longer necessary to prepare an order or send the packages on your own. The marketplace takes care of all logistical interventions. On your side, you can follow the status of each order in real time.


What are the advantages of centralized management of your orders?

The automation of order management has considerable advantages:

  • Have a detailed view of all orders;
  • Be able to use automatic acceptance. Your orders immediately go into "Waiting" status without you having to do anything;
  • Perform actions by address block and be able to send several packages at the same time.




We hope this blog has help you in understanding various things about managing your marketplace orders.

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