5 Tips to Launch your E-commerce Website or Online Store

by Marketing Team

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5 Tips to Launch your E-commerce Website or Online Store

by Marketing Team

Have you wanted to start your online store for a long time, but don't know where to start or find it risky and complicated? Rest assured. In this guide, we will give you the steps to follow to start your business easily, while limiting the risks.

1. Start by choosing your product carefully



It is important to choose your product carefully. Indeed, this is what will determine the profitability and growth of your business. If possible, look for products that sell year-round and are the most profitable to avoid wasting money.

If you make your product, you need to have complete control over overproduction. Indeed, we must not forget that you must produce more, as the number of orders increases. So, we have to adopt an effective strategy to increase production rates to avoid stock shortages.

2. Do a market study beforehand


In this step, you need to check if there are potential customers and competitors for your product. All you need to do to do this is to type in the "keywords" corresponding to your business on search engines and ad sites like Amazon, E-bay, or Priceminister.

If you find that there are a lot of sites, blogs, or advertisements (AdWords ads) that offer it, your product is very likely to be profitable and attract many customers. However, it also means that there are a lot of competitors, so you need to adopt a good strategy to stand out.

When you are sure that your product is profitable, now is the time to build your online store. To do this, use e-commerce platforms that allow you to create an official site for free and easily, such as ePro Shopping, Prestashop, OpenCart, etc. Thus, you benefit from an e-commerce store at a lower cost, without commitment or fees, no subscription.

3. Work on your natural referencing (SEO)


To improve your notoriety, you must work on the positioning of your site on search engines. This allows you to have more traffic and therefore more sales possibilities. To promote your e-commerce site, you can contact a web agency or an SEO expert.

You also need to do promotional activities to stay in the competition. To do this, you can use blogs and social networks. Indeed, these are important levers for online advertising.

4. Write detailed product sheets


In addition to the advertisements, you should put together complete descriptions of your products so that your customers can know exactly what you are selling. To do this, consider writing "sales texts", that is, quality content that helps motivate Internet users to do business with you. This is essential to monetize every visitor to your e-commerce site.

In addition to informing your customers and prospects, writing optimized product sheets also increase the natural referencing of your e-commerce.

5. Adopt a well-defined pricing strategy


Price is a key element in setting up a business strategy. As you start your business, the important thing is to be able to sell, but you also have to be realistic. Indeed, even if the development of your e-commerce site costs absolutely nothing, you will have to produce more products when your activity is launched. Thus, you have to cover the costs, while having sufficient working capital, which is why you should not sell at too low a price.

The same is true if you set a price too high. Your product is still little known and your customers are not going to spend a lot of money on products they don't know. The best way to set your price is to do a little market research again.

In conclusion, setting up an e-commerce site allows you to get started in an online business inexpensively. However, there are certain rules you need to follow for it to be profitable. If you follow all of the tips we have mentioned above, there is a good chance that your project will be successful. But, remember, there is no such thing as a "magic bullet" for being successful online. Like any project, you must know how to adapt to all situations.

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