Complete Guide To Features & Benefits of HubSpot CRM

by Marketing Team

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Complete Guide To Features & Benefits of HubSpot CRM

by Marketing Team

If you want to grow your business, you have to build lasting relationships with your customers and prospects. Empower your customers with a memorable user experience, and they will make your business successful in no time. 

But the question arises: How to make your customers happy with you? The best way to start is to choose a good marketing platform. And when it comes to a great marketing platform, HubSpot CRM is the best choice that you have.

What is CRM?


CRM stands for Customer Relationship Management. It is a digital database that allows a business organization to manage its customer relationships. It helps an organization in keeping the data and information associated with the business in a central record.

What is HubSpot CRM, and how is it different from other CRM tools?


HubSpot CRM is a complete suite of software that can help your business grow. Learn about the various features and benefits of using the HubSpot CRM that makes it different from other CRM tools: 

1. Record of business details
A business needs to integrate various data into the CRM software to keep track of them. The information collected from the customers and the sales can be stored in the CRM system. For instance, customer information is valuable for any organization. CRM can take care of all the customer-related data that can be called for review at any time.

2. Customer communications

Your business employees can keep track of all the customer profiles via HubSpot Sales CRM. They can also monitor and track the activity of the buyer. This will add efficiency to the sales process of your business. When the customer data is already available in CRM, the time for gathering data is also saved. The HubSpot integration services can also help you in building customer rapport in no time.

Benefits of HubSpot CRM


1. Free management system

HubSpot CRM is completely free and is ready to be used instantly. Not all CRMs available in the market are free.

2. Website integration

HubSpot allows you to integrate your business website into the CRM. On the other hand, this feature will help you in personalizing the user experience for your customers. You can use this data to design your marketing strategy in the long run.

3. Social media management

With HubSpot, you can now connect to your customers on various social media platforms. The more information you have about your customers, the better are your chances of engaging them with your business.

4. Sales marketing

Use HubSpot sales hub integration system to handle the leads efficiently. With personalized push notifications and emails, you can nurture your leads until they are ready to buy.

5. Market integration

Use the closed-loop reporting in HubSpot for small businesses. This will let you know what actions can generate sales in your business and which actions need modifications.

6. Task management

With the HubSpot Task management system, you can now take care of everything, right from the idea to the execution. The task management tool will help you check the status, importance of the task and take care of the time and the financial investments involved.

How to set up a HubSpot CRM account?

It is relatively simple to create a HubSpot CRM Account. Just follow the steps below:

  1. Open an account on the HubSpot page and put in your details like email id, password, name, etc. 
  2. Add companies and their contacts on the CRM.
  3. Send a HubSpot invitation to your fellow team members and ask them to open accounts too.
  4. Create a deal and its different stages. This will help you in organizing your sales record and also track the progress of the sales.
  5. Once you have created the deal, generate the lead ad to enhance the productivity of your business.



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