Calculate your commission fees on Rue du Commerce

by Marketing Team

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Calculate your commission fees on Rue du Commerce

by Marketing Team

Rue du Commerce is one of the leaders in non-food e-commerce in France. With nearly 5 million unique visitors per month, the marketplace today presents 12 major themes. It offers transparent pricing based on a monthly subscription and a commission rate applied to sales. In order to calculate your commission fees on Rue du Commerce, read this article which contain all the essential information you need.


Learn how to calculate your commission fees on Rue du Commerce

Selling your products on Rue du Commerce requires the payment of a monthly subscription fee of 40 euros including tax per month. In addition, a commission rate is applied to each sale made according to the category of the product and its condition mentioned earlier. 

This rate varies from 5 to 20.5% for new items and from 9 to 17.5% if they have already been used. To find out the commissions that correspond to the products you sell, visit the Rue du Commerce site directly. If your product does not belong to any category specified by the marketplace, apply a rate of 15.5%. 

Take the example of a new computer sold for 400 euros on Rue du Commerce. The commission applied to the sale of IT tools is 10%. Thus, the commission costs for the purchase of the computer are 40 euros. Or 400 euros x 0.10. These commission fees must be paid in addition to the monthly subscription of 40 euros.


Calculate your commission fees on Rue du Commerce with an online simulator

The Rue du Commerce marketplace is particularly interesting for the sale of computer and electronic products. Adopting a different strategy from that of its competitors, it focuses on the development of its historical markets and uses other product categories to generate a margin. 

To better determine the prices of your products, calculate your commission costs in advance. Then set your prices to get the most out of every sale you do. To do this, use an online simulator tool. This tool helps you determine the commission fees of a product based on its category. 


Entrust the calculations of your commission fees on Rue du Commerce to an external team

To optimize your activities on Rue du Commerce, entrust the management of your affairs to a professional ecommerce & marketplace team. The latter ensures the development of your sales while leaving you the possibility to concentrate on your products. 


Consider a tool like C2 Capital

C2 Capital is able to process your complex data and calculations. This service provider uses ultra-connected technology and ensures the transparency and clarity of your data. It keeps control of your sales and respects the rules you define. Learn more about C2 Capital here.

If you sell several items of different categories on Rue du Commerce , calculating your commission costs becomes complicated. To simplify your task, C2 Capital guarantees the automation of the calculation , considering the commission rates applied according to the marketplace of your choice.


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