Calculate the commission fees on Cdiscount

by Marketing Team

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Calculate the commission fees on Cdiscount

by Marketing Team

The marketplaces apply varying commission rates depending on their sales and financial policy. Cdiscount determines different rates depending on the category of the product. Offering its customers 63 million products of all kinds, it earns itself mainly through commission fees .


Why calculate your commission fees correctly on Cdiscount?

To sell on a marketplace, it is always recommended to find out about the commission fees applied. Cdiscount shows a variable commission rate depending on the categories of products you sell. 

The sum is taken at the time of payment by the buyer. In order to know the final amount you will receive from your sales, calculate the corresponding commission fees in advance. 

Cdiscount invoices the fees daily and deducts them per decade for purchases in several installments. In case you forget to factor them into your calculations, the amounts you receive will be different from what you want to earn. Correctly calculating commission fees is therefore an effective way to correctly determine the price of a product.


How to calculate your Cdiscount commission fees?

Apart from the monthly subscription of 39.99 euros excluding tax, your commission fees are part of the money Cdiscount owes you. The rate is generally set at 15% outside of a few product categories listed on the marketplace. Note that these commission rates on Cdiscount apply to total amount including tax. In the event of payment in several installments, other rates are taken into account. 

To calculate the commissions charged by the marketplace, add the selling price including VAT of your product to the shipping costs. Then, multiply the resulting sum with the category's commission rate. 

If you sell, for example, a used smartphone for 900 euros, the commission rate for the category is 9%. If we consider that the shipping costs are equivalent to 5 euros, here is how you should calculate the commission costs:

Commission costs = (Sales price including VAT + Shipping costs) x Category commission rate.

(900 euros + 5 euros) x 0.09 = 81.45 euros.


When should you calculate your Cdiscount commission fees?

Long before you set the price of a product, calculate your commission fees according to its category. You will know for how much to sell the product depending on the profit you want to make. Otherwise, consider calculating the commission fees for each payment settlement

Thus, you will be able to compare the amount withdrawn by Cdiscount with the one you have planned for the costs. And in case you want to sell the same product on other marketplaces, the calculation of commission fees on Cdiscount is also essential. 

Thus, you will easily judge whether the rate applied allows you to sell the same product on another online sales platform at the same price. Moreover, investing in two or more marketplaces is an interesting way to expand your audience. 


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