Calculate commission fees on eBay

by Marketing Team

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Calculate commission fees on eBay

by Marketing Team

eBay is a platform with 183 million active buyers around the world. It ranks 6th among the most visited e-commerce sites in France after Amazon and Cdiscount . Like all other marketplaces , eBay earns itself from the commissions charged on each sale. By calculating your commission fees on eBay , you will be able to set your prices to get the most benefit from them.


The data to consider when calculating your commission fees on eBay

Before determining how much you will sell your products for on the eBay auction site , consider the following points.


PayPal fees 

If the buyer chooses to pay for the product through PayPal, you will be responsible for the charges. They correspond to a commission composed of a fixed amount of 0.35 euro and a percentage of 2.9% of the total amount. 

Note that the PayPal commission is automatically deducted during payment. For professional sellers who achieve a turnover of more than 2,500 euros per month, this percentage may decrease. In order to automatically calculate your PayPal fees, we recommend you to use an online calculator.


Insertion fees

All eBay sellers are entitled to 150 free listings per month or 250 if they have an eBay store . When your quota of free ads is exhausted, an insertion fee of 0.35 euro must be paid. For sellers who own an eBay store, the insertion fee costs 0.15 euro. 

No fees are deducted from ads in the Fixed price format Valid until canceled. These ads will not be deducted from the quota of 150 free ads either. It is the same for the objects put on sale in the category Cars and Motorcycles.


The final commission retained by eBay

The commission on the final price is a commission which corresponds to 8% of the final value of the transaction. It is capped at 200 euros for an individual item . 

eBay Auto categories are subject to different prices. In the event of non-sale, no commission is applied on the final price. However, if you share your details with another member of the site, a commission will be deducted. The amount will depend on the price you set outside of the site. 


Steps to Calculate Your Commission Fees on eBay

To calculate your commission fees on eBay, simply refer to the various parameters listed above. Note that listing options fees may be added depending on your ads.

To calculate your fees yourselfadd the PayPal fees, the insertion fees and the commission charged by eBay. So you can better determine the selling price of the item. 

Admitting that this operation is complicated, eBay makes an online calculator available to sellers. This is very useful for quickly knowing the amount of the various costs associated with the sale of one or more products. To use it, simply complete the required fields. Your eBay commission costs will be communicated to you immediately.

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