Build your own eCommerce website using Shopify, Prestashop, and Iziflux

by Marketing Team

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Build your own eCommerce website using Shopify, Prestashop, and Iziflux

by Marketing Team

2020 has seen a considerable decrease in footfalls at offline stores and a rise in online sales. IMRG has predicted a 35-45% rise in Black Friday online retail sales for the UK. In order to earn the benefits of the eCommerce revolution, your business needs a unique, customized website


C2 Corner’s website development services can help create top-notch websites for businesses of all sizes. Here are three popular platforms that we serve, with a team of 50+ eCommerce industry experts and dedicated account managers for managing each project effectively. 


1. Shopify: Shopify is known for its drag-and-drop store builder. It serves brands such as Raymond, Kylie, and John Jacobs. Its prices are as low as $29/month, and its themes are aesthetic, responsive, and customizable. 


2. Prestashop: Prestashop is an open-source eCommerce website builder which offers a complete Demo Prestashop site before you build an actual one. You can manage your store, customers, social networks, blogs, and sell globally. 


3. Iziflux: Iziflux is software that can help you organize and manage your e-commerce catalog on Amazon, Prestashop, and other e-commerce-based sites in a simple manner. It also helps in putting your products upon marketplaces and comparison sites.


Your job doesn’t end at selecting a platform and then leaving it to do its job. You need support for a lot of things before and after the actual building of the website as well, which is where C2 Corner comes in. 


How C2 Corner makes building an eCommerce website easier

Here’s how C2 Corner’s website development process works with you from ground zero to the long run in your journey with a successful, customized website.


1. Requirement gathering:

In this preliminary phase, we will assist you with planning and strategizing with the help of the data you provide us. This data includes objectives, credentials, CMS details, etc. We will also help you create content in multiple languages, targeted to multiple industries, and comprehensible to the audiences. 


2. Design strategy:

At this stage, we can either help you create a customized website design or curate a theme and design that suits your content, brand, and objectives. Either way, we will help you finalize a design that meets your aesthetic standards and is executable in the right way. 


3. Development:

This is the stage where the website itself is created. At this stage, the C2 Corner team will put all the prototype elements together to create a functional website. While developing the website, our focus will also be on a responsive website that looks and feels suitable on all devices and browsers for giving visitors the best experience. 


4. Deployment and launch:

This is the final stage of creating your brand new website. It involves migration, linking of plugins, testing of plugins, execution of device responsiveness, functionality, etc. are done. Once you give us the final approval, your final eCommerce website will be pushed live by us as well. At this stage, we also integrate payment gateways and store functions to your website. We are known as experts at creating smooth and secure transactional experiences for audiences across the world. 


5. Maintenance:

 As mentioned before, our job doesn’t end once the website is live. Our next task is to detect bugs on the live site. We will also help in the everyday maintenance of the website. If any bugs are found, we will fix them as soon as possible with the dedicated support of our Q&A team. 


6. Add-ons and integrations: 

  • We provide extensive options for add-ons that will complete your website, such as Amazon, Rakuten, CDiscount, etc. You can manage your inventory, product listings, and orders, all from one place. 
  • We can also help you with integrations and add-ons on social media apps.
  • We can connect your eCommerce website with marketing automation and reporting tools, run growth marketing campaigns, source analytics from Google Analytics, HubSpot, MailChimp, etc. 
  • We also have expertise in running CRM tools such as Zoho and HubSpot.



So, if your business is planning to go the eCommerce way, you can leave the website development duties up to us. C2 Corner has set plans as well as curated pricing plans depending on the size of your business and project. We can also provide you with advice and guidance, whether you’re ready to develop your website right away or not. 


Let C2 Corner make an offer you can’t refuse!


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