Automate your income by selling on marketplaces

by Marketing Team

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Automate your income by selling on marketplaces

by Marketing Team

Depending on your target audience and the products you sell, you can display your e-store on different marketplaces. This is an interesting way to automate your income. Indeed, selling on marketplaces will allow you to highlight your products. On Amazon for example, they are likely to be seen by nearly 29.7 million unique visitors per month.


How can marketplaces help you automate your income?

Do you want to attract as many consumers as possible and sell your products better? The marketplaces offer the best business opportunities with their exponential traffic. By way of illustration, Leboncoin records no less than 10 million unique visitors per month. This market place is thus in the top 10 of the most visited sites in France.

Concretely, you are no longer going to be satisfied with just using your own site to automate your income. The marketplaces ensure better visibility to items you sell. 

Most of the work takes place at the time of registration. Your turnover will increase quickly if your products are well valued. Work well on the product titles and descriptions. Take the time to study & analyze your competition. This will allow you to better adjust your prices and set favorable conditions of your sale. 

So, all you have to do is take the marketplace's advantages to automate your income. Not only, you have various marketing tools to boost your sales, consumers will also be able to leave reviews and increase your brand awareness.


How to sell well on marketplaces in order to automate your income?

Selling on marketplaces has considerable advantages. Here's how you can automate your income by selling on marketplaces.


Use marketplace management software

To save time and avoid tedious tasks, use management software. In this way, you can reduce errors and optimize your business. For example, you can use the C2 Soft software, or even entrust the management of your store to an experienced team. C2 Corner will take care of developing your business online.


Adopt a good pricing strategy

To sell on marketplaces, you must also learn to manage competition. Study their prices and adjust yours to stay in the market. To do this, you can use tariff adjustment software. Also, remember to organize promotions from time to time.

Note that it is not always necessary to sell at a low price. With a good pricing system, buyers will become loyal customers, which will help automate your income.


Which marketplace to choose to automate your income?

When choosing marketplaces, opt for those that offer prices that meet your budget. There is no need to register on all the marketplaces you find. Focus on those likely to interest your target customers. Amazon for example accepts all types of products for a monthly subscription of 39 euros. 

If you sell household items or appliances, Fnac may be right for you. The monthly subscription to this marketplace costs 39.9 euros excluding tax. Rather generalist and main competitor of Amazon, Cdiscount also offers the same price. For their part, ManoMano specializes in DIY while Zalando mainly focuses on fashion items.


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