7 good reasons to create your e-commerce site on Prestashop

by Marketing Team

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7 good reasons to create your e-commerce site on Prestashop

by Marketing Team

Prestashop has been one of the most popular content management systems or CMS since its inception in 2007. Its success stems from the benefits this tool provides to all e-commerce novices and merchants who wish to develop their online presence. Here are some reasons to create your e-commerce site on Prestashop:

1. Ease of use


create your e-commerce site on Prestashop

It is one of the greatest advantages of creating a site on Prestashop. Indeed, when we talk about an e-commerce platform, this platform gets a very high score in terms of usability. It is because the installation of Prestashop is easy, this tool requires little technical skills. You can install it using an installer with just a few clicks. Plus, the installation process only takes a few minutes.

2. Its countless themes and models

Prestashop provides you with a large number of improvements to improve the design of your online store. Moreover, it also provides a category of extensions that includes: advanced modules, admin features, responsive templates, themes, search engine optimization, secure payment methods, ordering, and filters. Namely that all the models and features offered by Prestashop are of the highest quality.


3. The ease of adding new features


If you create your site on Prestashop, the addition of new features is done through a module, an add-on, or an extension. With these, you can customize the visual appearance, usability, and functionality of your e-commerce store to suit your needs and business requirements. In addition to that, a wide choice of modules and extensions are available for free on the Prestashop extensions store.

4. Mobile-friendliness

Prestashop is suitable for all connected devices (smartphone, tablet, pc, etc.), which allows you to stay in touch with your customers, regardless of where they belong. Indeed, the "default" model of Prestashop is offered with an integrated optimized mobile shopping cart. With this feature, your store will work on all mobile devices. Thus, Prestashop is, therefore, the best solution to facilitate your sales and online activity, as users will be able to browse and buy your products anytime and anywhere.


5. The back-end management functionalities


To facilitate the management of your store, Prestashop provides you with many tools. Prestashop's “back-end management” features are very interesting and they are even integrated with major carriers such as FedEx and UPS. Also, the dashboard of this CMS constitutes a maximum of statistics and e-commerce site management tools. In all, the Prestashop dashboard includes all the tools to easily manage and set up your catalog and subsequently your store.


6. Multiple gateway options


Prestashop's e-commerce platform provides access to multiple e-commerce gateway options. This is thanks to its feature called “multiple payment integration”. With this feature, you can integrate as many payment gateways as you want to ensure the success of your online store. It also allows you to remove all kinds of obstacles, barriers, or delays in receiving payment from a customer.

7. Cost reduction


Last but not least, the reason for creating a site on Prestashop is that it is completely "open source" and free. Also, it has no hidden costs. This means that if you are using Prestashop to create your online store, you just need to download it and then install it on your web hosting account.

In short, it is no coincidence that Prestashop has ranked among the leaders in the French market today. Indeed, this platform has innumerable advantages for the creation of e-commerce sites. Its greatest asset is that you can create an e-commerce site for free it, without special technical knowledge. So, if you want to get into e-commerce, consider creating your site on Prestashop.


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